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About the Promoter - Leslie Flint

My first dollhouse was built for me by my father in 1977.  It was the Fantasy Island House from the popular TV show and the kit was made by S/W Crafts, Inc.  The kit is a replica of the Queen Anne House that sits at the Los Angeles Arboretum and botanical gardens where the show was originally filmed.  I still have the house to this day and I love it.  The house was boxed up until I stepped into Bearly Big Enough miniature store owned by Susie Lim in the late 80’s.  Susie re-introduced me to the wonderful world of mini’s and I have never looked back.  Suzie also introduced me to the N.A.M.E. day event Folsom Fiesta.  When I learned that it was not a Fiesta in downtown Folsom, I couldn't wait to sign up and join the club.  Unfortunately, Folsom Fiesta ended in 2015 and it will definately be missed!  




My Miniature Projects

My Newest House - Cant wait to pick it up!

New England Lighthouse and Lighthousekeepers house

by Real Good Toys

Tiki Hut Project - Folsom Fiesta 2014

A Cart for All Reasons - N.A.M.E Day Project 2013

Front Opening Georgian

By Real Good Toys

Please click Show More to see all of my pictures for this house.  I will continue to add pictures as the rooms are complete. 

Beacon Hill

By Greenleaf

Pictures to come...

Fantasy Island House

by S/W Crafts, Inc.

Pictures to come...

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